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eBioAtlas is an ambitious global programme to survey the world’s biodiversity using eDNA.
We are working in partnership with IUCN to mobilise conservation networks and local stakeholders worldwide to collect eDNA samples to address global knowledge gaps in biodiversity. NatureMetrics is analysing the samples on a not-for-profit basis and the data will be made freely available for research and conservation.


The goal of the MozamSeq project is to facilitate the large-scale application of eDNA-based monitoring in support of conservation, fisheries monitoring and ecological impact assessment in Mozambique. In Phase 1, we validated the appetite for such a tool among key stakeholders and demonstrated that our kits can be used by local fishing communities and conservationists to collect high quality data on marine vertebrates. Our work also highlighted the need for investment in the development of DNA reference libraries to underpin accurate naming of species detected by eDNA. Phase 2 is now underway to develop this further.

1,000 Rivers

As South England coordinators, NatureMetrics are proud to partner on the 1,000 Rivers project.

This project aims to establish a monitoring system of river fish communities based on a novel approach, environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis, which is currently revolutionising aquatic biodiversity monitoring.

eDNA Validation Scale

Our team worked with industry leaders to bring the eDNA Validation Scale to life.

There is growing interest from policymakers in the use of eDNA for single species detections with targeted assays for decision-making in environmental management, yet there is huge variation in the level to which assays have been validated. The 5-level validation scale presented here seeks to address this by providing a simple framework in which to place assays according to the level of validation they have achieved.

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