Monitor biodiversity more effectively and efficiently. Join leading companies including EDF Renewables and Nature Power who choose NatureMetrics as their Nature Intelligence partner

Nature Advisory

Assess, plan and optimize your nature strategy, aligned to the latest  frameworks and Science-based targets.

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Biodiversity Monitoring

The gold standard for biodiversity monitoring. eDNA provides unprecedented levels of site-level detail, never before achievable through conventional methods.

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Access a suite of biodiversity metrics and indicators, enabling better decision making and high impact reporting.

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Survey Design

Get the most our of your investment with bespoke sampling plans tailored to project needs. Delivered by the world’s leading eDNA practitioners.

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Biodiversity Metrics

Access an automated pipeline of science-based insights to inform decision making and improve communications.

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Optimise environmental impact assessments (EIAs)

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of EIAs by more reliably identifying hard-to-detect species, detecting endangered and invasive species earlier, and more repeatable monitoring over time

Get ahead of upcoming nature regulation

Prepare your organisation to meet new nature-related frameworks and regulations, including the TNFD and CSRD

Reduce the risk of missing invasive and endangered species

eDNA reliably and efficiently finds hard-to-detect species, whilst automated insights pipeline that flags species of interest, reducing the risk of you missing invasive and endangered species

Create a safer environment for your team

Minimise HSE concerns by reducing the time your team spend in the field and reducing the invasiveness of their activities

Communicate impact more effectively

Harness powerful visualisations, easy-to-understand metrics, and multi-year trends for impactful storytelling to multiple stakeholder groups

Quickly and safely survey across multiple habitats

eDNA enables efficiency, cost effective, and safe biodiversity surveying across abroad range of habitat types

Rainforest & woodland


We've helped leading organisations, including Anglo America and WWF, monitor elusive species in rainforest habitats



We've helped leading organisations monitor biodiversity in coastal environments, including ports



We've helped leading organisations, including EDF and Fugro, monitor biodiversity in complex marine environments

Farmland & grassland

UK fields

We've helped leading organisations, including Unilever and Nestle, monitor biodiversity and track regenerative in farmland environments



We've helped leading organisations monitor biodiversity in mangrove forests

Commercial Forestry

Temperate forest

We've helped leading organisations, including Forestry England, to monitor biodiversity and track commercial and native woodlands



We've helped leading organisations, including Unilever and Nestle, to monitor biodiversity and track regenerative in farmland environments

Arid & semi-arid desert


We've helped leading organisations, including Anglo American, to monitor biodiversity in arid environments



We've helped leading organisations monitor biodiversity in coral reefs

Kelp & seagrass


We've helped pioneering organisations including Kelp Blue and West Africa develop projects in kelp and seagrass habitats

More than 500 companies
in 104 countries
trust NatureMetrics

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"Our innovative partnership with NatureMetrics is more than just a strategic alliance. It's a commitment to harnessing advanced eDNA technologies and global collaboration to drive our sustainability and conservation efforts. It's about utilising our resources wisely and optimising processes to make the best possible decission for our planet's future"
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Linden Coppell

VP of Sustainability and ESG, MSC Cruises

We exceeded our goals, detecting hundreds of additional vertebrate species. Without eDNA and NatureMetrics, we would have been relegated to visual surveys, requiring more field time, and to opportunistic interviews for the other five target species, which are less reliable, auditable, and systematic. The hundreds of other species detections would not have been possible at all.


eDNA has got huge applicability. If we think about early on in the discovery and exploration phase,where our knowledge is limited about the potential biodiversity risk in the area that we might be looking to explore, it’s a critical component to that.

Anglo American

Traditional ecology often capture insufficient data. In contrast, eDNA has facilitated a much better understanding, especially in the case of large deep rivers, allowing for a more comprehensive grasp of the impacts on ecological communities. As a result, appropriate mitigation measures can be implemented


eDNA provides wider ecological datasets that provide us with a tool not only to mitigate any potential impacts from developments but also to evidence the positive ecological impacts that can arise from offshore wind farms in a way we have not been able to do before due to traditional survey method constraints.

Natural Power

EDF Renewables are proud to be a part of this pioneering environmental DNA (eDNA) study with our partners Natural Power and NatureMetrics

EDF Renewables

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