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"Our innovative partnership with NatureMetrics is more than just a strategic alliance. It's a commitment to harnessing advanced eDNA technologies and global collaboration to drive our sustainability and conservation efforts. It's about utilising our resources wisely and optimising processes to make the best possible decission for our planet's future"
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Linden Coppell

VP of Sustainability and ESG, MSC Cruises

We exceeded our goals, detecting hundreds of additional vertebrate species. Without eDNA and NatureMetrics, we would have been relegated to visual surveys, requiring more field time, and to opportunistic interviews for the other five target species, which are less reliable, auditable, and systematic. The hundreds of other species detections would not have been possible at all.


eDNA has got huge applicability. If we think about early on in the discovery and exploration phase,where our knowledge is limited about the potential biodiversity risk in the area that we might be looking to explore, it’s a critical component to that.

Anglo American

Traditional ecology often capture insufficient data. In contrast, eDNA has facilitated a much better understanding, especially in the case of large deep rivers, allowing for a more comprehensive grasp of the impacts on ecological communities. As a result, appropriate mitigation measures can be implemented


eDNA provides wider ecological datasets that provide us with a tool not only to mitigate any potential impacts from developments but also to evidence the positive ecological impacts that can arise from offshore wind farms in a way we have not been able to do before due to traditional survey method constraints.

Natural Power

EDF Renewables are proud to be a part of this pioneering environmental DNA (eDNA) study with our partners Natural Power and NatureMetrics

EDF Renewables

Why NatureMetrics


Deep corporate
sustainability expertise

Led by Pippa Howard, 20 year veteran, including Fauna & Flora International, Nature Accountability and Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership.


World’s largest commercial eDNA provider

Unparalleled experience of delivering eDNA biodiversity monitoring across 104 countries and multiple verticals gives a unique perspective on the demands and requirements of nature impact reporting.



An automated insights pipeline, top line dashboard, and comparative analysis tools amplify the value we can offer corporate clients.

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Nature Strategy Services

Unlock business advantages, reduce risk, and effectively meet stakeholder and investor expectations.

NATUREscore, nature maturity assessment

Measure your nature strategy and maturity, track changes over time, benchmark your nature maturity against peers and identify areas for improvement, and assess value chains' nature management and performance.

Gap analysis & benchmarking

Identify gaps in your corporate strategy and disclosure, including voluntary and regulatory requirements (GBF, SBTN, TNFD, CSRD). Refine your internal policies and goals to bring them in line with frameworks, standards and best practice.

Double materiality screening

Conduct double nature-related screening of nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities. Develop measures to avoid, reduce, mitigate and offset your impacts. Identify positive conservation opportunities.

Defining BES statements

Develop innovative governance mechanisms and policies, aligned with emerging frameworks and standards.

Nature-positive road maps and delivery plans

Develop recommendations on how and when to implement measures to implement your nature strategy, guided by science-based targets and metrics embedded within biodiversity monitoring.

Biodiversity footprint and monitoring using eDNA

Translate complex biodiversity data into intuitive metrics. Use the NatureMetrics Intelligence Platform for a detailed view of the most important sites and metrics, and evaluate progress through time

Portfolio Risk Mapping

Identify the highest-priority sites for biodiversity monitoring and target setting with desk-based assessments. Understand the sectors or regions associated with the highest level of risk and dependencies across an investment portfolio. Combine with the ‘Nature Maturity Assessment’ for the most powerful insights.

Client examples

Mining client

We performed a desk-based review to identify emerging issues and nature-related risks for a top 10 metals producer. This supported the development of their business case for nature-positive.

This included a review of their "biodiversity position", commitments, procedures and guidance. We explored how biodiversity and ecosystem services risks and issues are managed and reported, identified gaps, strengths, and development areas.

Infrastructure client

We performed a review of a major construction and engineering company's current biodiversity policies, standards, systems, procedures, current biodiversity performance, and preparedness for a nature-positive future.

Designed and delivered a nature-related materiality assessment aligned to TNFD and SBTN requirements, which considered their raw materials supply chains.

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"Nature Metrics helped Costain develop a nature strategy that goes beyond our legal requirements to become truly nature positivity. They have kept us up to date with the latest information and developments in nature assessment tools, whilst providing us with a simple pathway to complete nature assessments and understand our data gaps. Owen & Pippa have been particularly helpful assisting with the engagement of our value chain." Mikaela Weyer, Senior Environmental Advisor.

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Nature Strategy Team

Diverse range of knowledge and subject matter experts across biodiversity, conservation, and nature-related risk, supported by a range of ecologists and biologists across NatureMetrics (including more than 40 PhDs). Our team combines proficient business consultancy skills with practical conservation and biodiversity know-how, ensuring we can provide tailored and effective guidance for the next steps.

Pippa Howard

Chief Nature Strategist

Pippa has over 30 years' experience in a variety of spheres of biodiversity conservation, environmental management, impact assessment, development, and sustainability.

She is a member of the Biodiversity Working Group of the IAIA.
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Hannah Skeates

Director of Nature Strategy

Hannah has been driving ESG/sustainable finance initiatives within mainstream investment management since 2007.

Hannah was Special Advisor to the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership working with the CISL Finance sector team.
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Amy Sellers

Principal Nature Consultant

Amy has extensive experience in delivering scalable nature solutions, strategy transformation, nature risk quantification and scenario analysis, and credit risk frameworks and models.

She holds a chartership in Green & Sustainable Finance and is a certified Climate Risk Professional with GARP.

Alison Jones

Principal Nature Consultant

An experienced environmental professional with expertise in navigating nature-related frameworks & disclosure initiatives. Alison supported the development of the Natural Capital Protocol, and brings expertise in collaboration and operations, previously holding roles at Little Blue Research, Capitals Coalition and Arcadis.

Alison has a BA in Geography from the Unversity of Cambridge.
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Isadora Ferreira

Principal Nature Consultant

Isadora brings in-depth knowledge of nature strategy and expertise across the energy and agriculture sector. She has spearheaded projects in areas on nature-based solutions, sustainable diets, land use and sustainable agriculture.

She holds a Masters degree from the University of Oxford in Environmental Change and Management and a Sustainable Finance Certificate from the University of Cambridge.
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Owen Middleton

Principal Nature Strategist

Owen has broad expertise in ecosystem functioning, ecosystem services, and biodiversity monitoring.

He applies this knowledge through business advice around investing in an delivering conservation action plans and biodiversity monitoring to track nature-related risks.

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