Harness the Power of eDNA For Coastal Ecosystem Management

Why biodiversity monitoring is key for coastal conservation
How eDNA establishes comprehensive biodiversity baselines to inform planning
Real-world case studies demonstrating eDNA impact across vital habitats
Actionable frameworks for tracking restoration outcomes over time for adaptive management
Models for participatory monitoring to engage local communities

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eDNA For Coastal Ecosystem Management

Discover how eDNA technology is revolutionizing our understanding of coastal ecosystems spanning mangroves, seagrasses, reefs and kelp forests. This guide showcases real-world case studies demonstrating how eDNA generates actionable insights to guide restoration, expansion of MPAs, and sustainable Blue Economy initiatives.

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An end-to-end solution for nature monitoring and impact reporting

Nature Advisory

Assess, plan and optimize your nature strategy, aligned to the latest  frameworks and Science-based targets.

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Biodiversity Monitoring

The gold standard for biodiversity monitoring. eDNA provides unprecedented levels of site-level detail, never before achievable through conventional methods.

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Access a suite of biodiversity metrics and indicators, enabling better decision making and high impact reporting.

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eDNA Autosampler

Autonomously collect biodiversity data with the DOT-NM Autosampler

Simplify your nature impact reporting