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Actionable nature intelligence

Transform how you measure and report on nature with scalable and robust nature intelligence

Trusted by more than 500 brands in over 100 countries

The end-to-end biodiversity reporting solution

Actionable, scalable nature intelligence to inform your nature strategy and impact assessment. Powered by ground-truthed biodiversity data at site-level.

Get ahead of regulatory change

Don’t get caught out by upcoming legislation. Large organisations will soon need to disclose their nature-related risks and impact.

Avoid business disruption by preparing for incoming reporting requirements, including CSRD, SBTN, GBF and TNFD.

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Future-proof your nature impact monitoring

Accessing the most robust and high definition biodiversity data possible is essential to meeting the ever-increasing demands for nature reporting.

Future-proof your nature strategy and operations by integrating scalable, ground-truthed nature insights into you biodiversity monitoring toolkit.

Reduce nature-related risks

Missed species can cost millions in fines, lost revenue and project overruns. Our technology finds hard-to-detect species earlier with greater speed and accuracy.

Reduce your risk profile, protect the bottom line, and avoid reputational damage.

Demonstrate nature positive progress

Our technology offers a unique way of transforming the complexities of biodiversity on the ground, into simple and actionable insights to inform good strategy. Making nature positive reporting simple.

Make nature your USP

Powerful nature intelligence at your fingertips

Access your nature data and insights, across your portfolio, through the NatureMetrics Intelligence Platform. Actionable biodiversity health insights, at the click of a button.

NatureMetrics’ subscription service provides unrivalled nature insights delivered through an intuitive and accessible platform, bringing your nature risk and opportunities to life to drive better engagement and action.

Gain actionable insights with science-based Metrics

Raw ecological data has limited utility. Reduce reliance on analysts and data scientists with pre-packaged metrics designed to help you make better decisions faster.

Obtain ground-truthed data efficiently & affordably

We deliver transformational biodiversity monitoring by deploying site-based surveys that combine the scalability of remote sensing with the species-level insight of traditional ecologist-led surveys.

Collect more data, better insights, and improve reporting across your whole portfolio.

Report & disclose nature impact more effectively

Track and evidence your voluntary commitments

Evidence more impact with greater credibility through the most robust measurement available.

Improve boardroom & stakeholder comms

Present meaningful insights concisely through highly-visual and intuitive outputs that improve transparency and engagement.

Transformational high-integrity data and insights, powered by eDNA

NatureMetrics’ nature intelligence is powered by environmental DNA (eDNA). The gold standard for site-based biodiversity monitoring, eDNA compliments and outperforms traditional biodiversity monitoring.

What is eDNA?

A revolutionary and scalable way of assessing nature at site-level. All living things leave traces of their DNA in the environment (eDNA). Through unique sampling technology, NatureMetrics captures these traces and converts them into simple biodiversity health insights.

eDNA provides an unrivalled picture of a site’s biodiversity, enabling the most comprehensive view available of the full spectrum of life, no matter how hard-to-detect.

Find hard to detect species

Discover rare and elusive species, even if you can’t see them.

Collect more data with fewer samples

Identify hundreds of species from a simple sample.

Reduce health & safety risks

Minimise time in the field and reliance on site access

Minimise your impact on ecosystems

Reduce reliance on invasive and time-consuming methods.

NatureMetrics eDNA technology vs. traditional methods. Based on a recent project

increase in species detection
hours saved per site surveyed
Minutes per sample taken

The world’s most robust end-to-end eDNA solution

NatureMetrics is the world’s largest commercial provider of eDNA biodiversity monitoring.

We have supported clients in all major industries, from offshore infrastructure to regenerative agriculture, across over 100 countries.

Our technology, experience, and reach uniquely positions us to safely deliver complex and strategically important projects at scale.

Upgrade your nature monitoring


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