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Measuring reforestation success of biodiversity health

Soil fungi as a promising indicator

Measuring reforestation success of biodiversity health

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Land Life Company faced the difficulty of accurately tracking the impact of their forest restoration efforts because it was impossible to measure the diverse and multidimensional indicators of biodiversity in their tree planting sites globally.

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What the Client Says

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NatureMetrics’ eDNA services have been an essential tool for us at Land Life in measuring progress towards our ambitious reforestation goals, providing a high-quality, standardized, robust, and practical approach for tracking soil biodiversity and refining our restoration strategies.

Arnout Asjes, CTO of Land Life Company

Arnout Asjes, CTO of Land Life Company

The Challenge

Our Role

The team used NatureMetrics’ eDNA services to track soil biodiversity, with their first survey revealing that natural forest soils support twice as many fungi species as deforested soils in their proposed replanting sites, indicating soil fungi as a potent indicator for tracking reforestation success.

In a recent webinar, Arnout Asjes, CTO of Land Life Company, highlighted NatureMetrics’ eDNA services as the most promising method for them because the technology gives them:

  • Standardised methodology – methods are established & NatureMetrics is a well known and trusted company
  • Robustness – NatureMetrics’ eDNA methods can be used globally
  • Practicality – No need for internal high expertise
  • Comprehensiveness – eDNA allows for different analyses and tracking of many indicators
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The Findings

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