Nature Strategy Service

Guidance and best practice to help you drive innovation in your nature strategy

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Tailored guidance on nature frameworks

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Nature positive strategy support

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Biodiversity monitoring strategies

Get ahead of upcoming reporting requirements, including new frameworks such as TNFD and the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), by leveraging the Nature Strategy Service by NatureMetrics.

The landmark GBF agreement formulated at COP15 marks a turning point for nature. Companies, governments and civil society will now need to close the gap between promises, compliance and delivery of nature-focused objectives. NatureMetrics’ new offering will provide businesses with the guidance and tools, at whatever stage of their journey, to build a clear roadmap to achieve robust nature positive goals.

NatureMetrics’ strategy service is available to new and existing clients, supporting customers at all stages of their environmental journey. 

Meet the Expert

Headed by the industry powerhouse Pippa Howard, our nature strategy service is based on Pippa’s deep nature and biodiversity consulting experience, working at the interface of business and nature for over two decades, including 15 years in corporate sustainability at Fauna & Flora International, and senior sustainability leadership positions at Nature Accountability and Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Pippa Howard
Pippa HowardChief Nature Strategist

Our Nature Strategy Services

Board-level buy-in

Bespoke senior leadership engagement covering the business case, nature-related risk and strategies to mainstream nature through your business.

Nature positive and nature strategy workshops 

Develop your organization’s capacity to address emerging demands for biodiversity performance with our nature-positive workshops, empowering you and your teams to shape and deliver a clear and achievable sustainability vision.

Align targets with global biodiversity frameworks

Ensure your nature strategy and action plan align with global frameworks like SBTN and TNFD, and other emerging Nature Positive and biodiversity performance standards.

Roadmaps to deliver promises on nature

Evidence-based roadmaps for mainstreaming biodiversity and achieving nature-positive objectives, driven by quantitative analysis, biodiversity accounting, and delivering on nature commitments.

Impact and dependency mapping across the value chain

Harness the power of smart tools, analytics and nature insights to quantify biodiversity impacts, risks, dependencies, and opportunities for informed decision-making.

Monitoring & evaluation frameworks 

Quantifying the impacts of nature-based solutions on people, climate, and biodiversity through robust Monitoring & Evaluation frameworks.

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