Spatial intelligence critical enabler for action on nature

Published: 16th February 2023

SPACES, a spatial intelligence collaboration coordinated by the UN environment programme, profiles eDNA and eBioAtlas when advocating for greater use of spatial intelligence for integrated nature and climate action. 


This paper aims to inspire public and private sector decision-makers to use spatial intelligence as an enabler for integrated nature and climate action. To achieve this, it showcases a range of emerging data sources and technologies in the nature and climate-tech space, including eDNA.

Who should read this whitepaper

Anyone with an interest in the role of spatial intelligence as an enabler for integrated action on nature and climate. The whitepaper includes a prediction of the potential impact, an overview of emerging technology and trends, and recommendations for increasing uptake.


SPACES is an emerging coalition that mobilises spatial intelligence to support governments, businesses, financial institutions, funders, and investors in achieving climate and nature goals.

SPACES is coordinated by the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) and SYSTEMIQ, working with UNDP, IIASA and IIS, among other partners. It aims to support the use of spatial intelligence in achieving national climate and nature objectives, by implementing and accelerating spatial planning in countries.

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Using data for climate, nature and people

NatureMetrics, featured in this report, operates across the data value chain (visualised below). eDNA is the only technology that can track the whole tree of life, and NatureMetrics’s solutions are being used across the world.

eBioAtlas, our flagship philanthropic project, has been identified as a key initiative for rapidly increasing the amount of publicly available data to baseline ‘Nature Positive’. The project remains open to funding opportunities.

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