A global eDNA programme in partnership with IUCN

NatureMetrics and IUCN have launched an ambitious programme to survey the world’s freshwater biodiversity using eDNA.

This is the first time that eDNA has been rolled out at a global scale, building on our well-validated products, our international operations and logistics capabilities, and IUCN’s expertise in delivering large-scale multi-stakeholder conservation programmes around the world.

eDNA is transformative because it puts the ability to measure nature in the hands of ordinary people all over the world. Together, we will build the foundations for a world in which nature is properly accounted for.

Businesses, governments, conservation organisations, researchers, and members of the public can all contribute to the eBioAtlas programme – find out more at www.ebioatlas.org.

Add your site-level data to the eBioAtlas

Companies conducting site-level environmental impact assessments generate some of the world’s most detailed biodiversity data and there is an increasing drive for this to be made available to inform research and conservation (including from the Equator Principles).

eBioAtlas provides a conduit for site-level data from eDNA surveys to be added to GBIF and made available for research and conservation. This helps businesses demonstrate transparency and contribute to the fight against biodiversity loss.

Speak to our team for more information and to set up as an eBioSite contributor.

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