Better survey design leads to better outcomes

Create bespoke sampling plans tailored to project needs. Delivered by the world’s leading eDNA practitioners.

Save time.

Reduce risk.

Increase value.

Reduce the risk of missing hard-to-detect, target species

Maximise return-on-investment by amplifying high-quality data collection

Align project objectives & site characteristics with eDNA best practice

Embed efficiencies and value creation across a complex surveying portfolio

eDNA sampling is easy. eDNA survey design can be hard.

Off-the-shelf eDNA surveys can produce sub-optimal outcomes for complex sites and specialist requirements.
We recommend our Survey design service if:
You’re working across a very large or complex site
You’re surveying across multiple sampling locations
If you require a non-standard service, such as mapping
Budgets are constrained (there’s no room for error)  

How it works


A 30-minute kick-off call and information gathering.

Site analysis

Remote or in-person.


Calculation of number and type of kits required based on requirements and site.


Creation of sampling strategy, including costings and mapping.


Summary deck and 1-hour review call.


Two rounds of amendments.

What our clients have to say

With NatureMetrics’ innovative aquatic eDNA service, we at WWF Peru were able to fully achieve our survey goal of detecting spatial distributions of six culturally and commercially important aquatic species along the Maranon river, and we exceeded our goal by also detecting hundreds of additional vertebrate species, which we can start to take into account in designing a sensitive index of basin-ecosystem health.
WWF Peru
Thanks to the eDNA service provided by NatureMetrics, ERM has been able to prove the efficacy and Health and Safety benefits of using eDNA as a survey technique and to highlight its value as a method of rapidly scoping sites without the need for a specialist taxonomist to be present.  Following the successful use of eDNA in the Sierra Leone project, ERM has since commissioned NatureMetrics to analyse samples taken at mining development sites in Serbia, with promising results, including the detection of species of conservation concern not picked up by conventional survey methods.
Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
The results produced were well presented and easy to interpret.  They will be straightforward to compare with the results of subsequent years of sampling.  The summary of results presented at the start of the NatureMetrics report gives a concise synopsis of key findings.  The information in the report provided by NatureMetrics is in many ways ideal for a site such as this, where we are not expecting the occurrence of any particularly rare or interesting species (which might require specialist search methods) but are more interested in any changes in species composition and abundance.
Wild Frontier Ecology

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