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Even a small volume sample of soil or sediment will contain hundreds (or even thousands) of species belonging to a diverse range of taxonomic groups. These small organisms and microbes represent a large proportion of global biodiversity and play a critical role in ecosystem function and resilience.

We use DNA metabarcoding to unlock powerful biodiversity data from soils and sediments, helping you to make better decisions for nature and your business.

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Understanding how soil and sediment communities vary in response to impacts and management can provide crucial insights to guide action in:

  • Ecological impact assessment

  • Tracking progress in habitat restoration and bioremediation

  • Reducing the effects of agricultural intensification on soil biodiversity

  • Improving soil health and productivity

Collecting DNA samples from soils and sediments



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Our soil and sediment sampling kits are easy to use in soft substrates and have been tested in terrestrial and marine environments.

Cold storage is the best way to preserve DNA in soils and sediment samples, but we recognise that this is not always possible. We therefore provide alternative means of sample preservation where required. Talk to our team to ensure you get the best kits for your project.

Analysis options for our soils and sediments service

We offer metabarcoding services for soils and sediments, targeting a range of different taxonomic groups. If you aren’t sure which is most appropriate for your project, our team will be happy to discuss with you.

eDNA from Water - Bacteria
Soils & Sediments - Fungi


Our Bacteria metabarcoding service targets the 16S rRNA gene. Bacterial metabarcoding is often utilised for detecting environmental changes caused by, for example, land management practises, habitat restoration activities, aquaculture practices, sewage effluent inputs, offshore drilling and climate change.

Soil fauna / sediment infauna

Our Faunal metabarcoding service targets the 18S rRNA gene to provide data on communities of invertebrates that live in the soil/sediment. This includes arthropods such as insects, collembola and small crustaceans, as well as worms including nematodes, platyhelminthes (flat worms) and annelids (segmented worms).


Our Fungal metabarcoding service targets the internal transcribed spacer region (ITS) gene to provide data on fungal communities. This includes well-known indicator groups such as waxcaps (Hygrocybe spp.) in addition to the wider assemblage of mycorrhizal fungi, yeasts, mushrooms and others.

Not sure what service suits your project?

You can combine and adapt our services to suit the needs of your project. Please get in touch to discuss your aims, especially if this is the first time you are using this service.

If you have already registered with us, you can visit my.naturemetrics to place an order.

Why NatureMetrics?

Quality data at unprecedented scale to underpin decision-making in environmental management and impact assessment

Broad range of services that can be combined to meet your project needs

Make the most of our in-house expertise from science in the laboratory through to data and analysis.

The NatureMetrics Sampling App lets you submit your field data on the go and track the progress of your samples throughout the analysis process

Honest and transparent communication (including any limitations of the technologies) and reporting

User-friendly sampling kits designed with practicality in mind

Assess The Impacts

You can use eDNA to measure biological responses to environmental impacts and inform the restoration of soil health or habitats.

If you are interested in implementing a management plan with regular DNA-based monitoring, we can work together to create a comprehensive service that fits your requirements.

We offer a wide range of biodiversity solutions

eDNA from water
Great Crested Newt eDNA
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