Detect more species in less time with eDNA

Environmental DNA is the no. 1 solution for obtaining high-integrity, species-level data at scale with less effort and fewer HSE concerns.

Scalable ground-truthed data, powered by eDNA

eDNA compliments and outperforms traditional biodiversity monitoring.

What is eDNA

All living things leave traces of their DNA in the environment (eDNA). We use this to identify individual species from small samples of soil, sediment, water and air.

eDNA provides an unrivalled picture of a site’s biodiversity. It provides the most comprehensive view available of the full spectrum of life, no matter how hard-to-detect.

Benefits of eDNA

eDNA has transformed biodiversity monitoring. The most accurate and scalable solution for site-level biodiversity insights.

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Find hard to detect species

Discover rare, elusive and cryptic species - even if you can’t see them.

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Collect more data with fewer samples

Identify hundreds of species from a simple sample. (And take a sample in just 10 minutes).

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Increase accuracy and consistency

Overcome errors associated with visual identification and generate repeatable results.

Improve health and safety

Reduce health and safety concerns by minimising the time staff spend in the field.

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Reduce risk and increase value by finding more hard-to-detect species in less time, with eDNA

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