The Race to Net Zero: Transforming Environmental Surveys at Offshore Wind Farms with eDNA Technology

February 8, 2024
Context setting: the growing global need for nature positive
Overview of the collaborative project and its significance
The approach and protocols implemented in the research
Findings of the eDNA-based Surveys
Outlining the future prospects and wider adoption of this revolutionary technique

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Natural Power
EDF Renewables

EDF Renewables, Natural Power and NatureMetrics invite you to join this upcoming webinar to reveal the findings of a pioneering project demonstrating the power of eDNA in offshore wind farm environmental surveys.

This ground-breaking research validates the use of fish environmental DNA (eDNA) survey methods as a transformative approach to fish ecology surveys for offshore wind farm developments.

Part funded by OWGP Innovation Grant,  EDF Renewables UK and Ireland, renewable energy consultancy and service provider Natural Power, and eDNA and nature intelligence experts NatureMetrics, joined forces in collaboration to conduct a comprehensive study evaluating the potential application and benefits of eDNA-based surveys in the offshore wind industry.

Hear from leading experts who will reveal the findings and discuss the future of this innovative technology, including:

  • Heather Hamilton, Consents and Environment Manager, EDF Renewables UK and Ireland
  • Michelle Elliott, Principle Environmental Consultant, Natural Power
  • Krystle Robson, Offshore Lead at NatureMetrics
  • Dr Edward Wort, Marine Specialist & Survey Design Lead

During the webinar, you will learn about the key findings from this innovative project and gain insights into how eDNA sampling can optimize the consenting phase surveys of offshore wind site development, as well as ongoing monitoring and targeted mitigation strategies. This alternative methodology has the potential to reduce delays and costs associated with traditional survey methods, ultimately contributing to more efficient and affordable offshore wind farm development and clean energy production.

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