Cutting edge molecular methods for site-based biodiversity and restoration monitoring, enabling informed decision making.

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Safe, non-invasive and repeatable biodiversity surveys

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Mitigating risk throughout the project lifecycle

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Generate data to implement the mitigation hierarchy

eDNA provides powerful data for tracking progress towards biodiversity targets

We help businesses in the mining and extractives industries to assess and manage biodiversity risk at all stages of the project lifecycle, from exploration and baselining to closure and restoration.

Across multiple habitats and environments, we work with you to add cutting edge molecular tools to your monitoring programmes. The data we provide helps track progress towards goals such as Net Positive Impact.

Simple-to-use sampling kits can be used by your staff or contractors on the ground to assess biodiversity and monitor trends throughout an asset’s operational life cycle. This helps managers make more informed decisions to effectively mitigate impacts, while reducing effort, costs and safety risks commonly associated with conventional biodiversity monitoring survey methods.

Dr Vere Ross-Gillespie, Head of Extractives

Vere Ross-Gullespie - Nature Metrics

Vere is trained as an aquatic ecologist and entomologist and has 6 years consulting experience in Southern Africa

Biodiversity regulation and governance are already here. Make nature your competitive advantage.

The world is experiencing the fastest energy transition in history as we collectively race to curb climate change and achieve net-zero. The mining and heavy industrials sectors have a vital role in this journey.

Companies will need to show that they have biodiversity baselines in place to demonstrate progress while using the mitigation hierarchy to avoid, minimise, restore and offset their impact.

In our paper we dive into the following topics:

  • Nature targets and how you need to be aligning with them as a business

  • Nature intelligence – a scalable approach to understanding and reporting on nature, from data through to insights

  • From pit to port – supporting the mitigation hierarchy across supply and logistics chains with real-world project examples

Anglo American Logo - NatureMetrics Testimonial

“eDNA analysis enhances the way we evaluate risk and meet – or even exceed – environmental regulations, track progress towards biodiversity targets, and reduce monitoring cost.”

Warwick Mostert, Biodiversity Principal, Anglo American

Include DNA-based biodiversity monitoring in your ecological survey design with NatureMetrics

Here are just some of the ways our technologies can be applied:

Critical species and endangered species detection during scoping and baseline phases.

Comprehensive biodiversity baselines to identify site risks and inform future monitoring.

Year-round biodiversity assessment conducted by non-specialist on-site personnel.

Monitor progress towards Net Positive Impact, Nature Positive or Biodiversity Net Gain goals.

Track restoration and rehabilitation success for mine closure.

Long term monitoring and trend analysis of ecosystems and community composition in relation to impacts.

DNA-based monitoring with NatureMetrics

NatureMetrics makes eDNA surveys easy. Our end-to-end service includes easy-to-use sampling kits, logistics support, laboratory analysis and data processing. We provide professional reports and support with interpretation and data analysis where required.

Our expert team can also help you design an eDNA sampling campaign to suit your project’s location and needs, and we can provide training for your staff and contractors, either online, in person or on-site – get in touch to find out more.

Samples you can send to our labs for analysis include:

eDNA from Water
DNA from soils and sediments

Our aquatic eDNA surveys unlock a wealth of data on aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity across a wide variety of ecosystems – from rivers, streams, and lakes to coastal habitats and the open ocean.

Soil and sediment analyses let us profile the small organisms and microbes that are vital for maintaining healthy, functioning ecosystems.

We take the pain out of taxonomic identification of insects and other invertebrates by letting the DNA sequencer do the work. Invertebrates are abundant and diverse, making them excellent indicators of ecological change.

Our citizen science kits get community groups involved in biodiversity management. Get local communities engaged in sampling areas and monitoring the growth of biodiversity.

Why NatureMetrics?

Ease of use – Our kits are tried and tested by diverse groups across the world.

Collect and submit field data on-the-go with the NatureMetrics Sampling App.

Our in-house logistics team help get your samples to the lab in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Our highly specialised team includes world-leading eDNA experts.

Compliant with all standards and best practice guidance for eDNA.

We take the time to troubleshoot difficult DNA samples to ensure you get the best possible results.

Specialist eDNA facilities with robust quality control procedures at every stage of the process.

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We offer a wide range of biodiversity solutions for:

Renewable Energy
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