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Our reduced costs for conservation groups put powerful data in the hands of those that care most for biodiversity.

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Fill biodiversity knowledge gaps

What if we could rapidly describe biodiversity at the landscape level, using accessible tools to address the complex challenges of nature conservation and ecosystem restoration? What if we could identify the organisms that live in a landscape without ever seeing them?

We need robust data now more than ever – eDNA provides the biodiversity solutions that conservationists across the world are seeking for comprehensive, landscape-scale mapping of biodiversity.

NatureMetrics puts simple tools in the hands of conservationists, park rangers and local communities to monitor everything from flagship species to lesser-known critters that elude traditional surveys. This enables multiple conservation priorities to be addressed in a single field survey effort and helps to direct resources to the places where they’ll have greatest impact

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Include DNA-based biodiversity monitoring in your ecological survey design with NatureMetrics

DNA-based monitoring with NatureMetrics

NatureMetrics makes eDNA surveys easy. Our end-to-end service includes easy-to-use sampling kits, training and logistics support, laboratory analysis and data processing. You’ll receive a professional report and support with interpretation and data analysis where required.

Our expert team can also help you design an eDNA sampling campaign to suit your project’s goals and budget – get in touch to find out more.

Make the most of your field time and generate the evidence base to drive effective action and improved conservation outcomes.

Samples you can send to our labs for analysis include:

eDNA from Water
DNA from soils and sediments
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Citizen Science

Our aquatic eDNA surveys unlock a wealth of data on aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity across a wide variety of ecosystems. We run a Great Crested Newt eDNA detection service in addition to a wide range of other options that span across the tree of life.

Soil and sediment analyses let us profile the small organisms and microbes that are vital for maintaining healthy, functioning ecosystems.

We take the pain out of taxonomic identification of insects and other invertebrates by letting the DNA sequencer do the work. Invertebrates are abundant and diverse, making them excellent indicators of ecological change.

Our citizen science kits let anyone find out about the biodiversity that matters to them. Our sampling kits are simple to use and enable community participation in biodiversity conservation.

Revealing the secrets of Myanmar’s lakes and rivers

From May to July 2022, WWF-Myanmar’s Freshwater team personally collected samples and mobilised members of local communities to help conduct critical research in freshwater sources across the country. The two projects revealed the presence of 403 unique DNA samples of taxa including that of Irrawaddy dolphins, Eurasian otters and endemic fish species. They also showed the dramatic impact of pollution on the migration routes of the economically important hilsa fish, and revealed an omnipresent threat: Nile tilapia.


We are collaborating with local and international NGOs, communities, citizen scientists, businesses, academic researchers, and other stakeholders globally to provide them with the tools they need to assess biodiversity and evaluate the outcomes of conservation efforts.

Why NatureMetrics?

Ease of use – Our kits are tried and tested by diverse groups across the world.

Collect and submit field data on-the-go with the NatureMetrics Sampling App.

Our in-house logistics team help get your samples to the lab in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Our highly specialised team includes world-leading eDNA experts.

Compliant with all standards and best practice guidance for eDNA.

We take the time to troubleshoot difficult DNA samples to ensure you get the best possible results.

Specialist eDNA facilities with robust quality control procedures at every stage of the process.

With NatureMetrics’ innovative aquatic eDNA service, we at WWF Peru were able to fully achieve our survey goal of detecting the spatial distributions of six culturally and commercially important aquatic species along the Marañon river, and we exceeded our goal by also detecting hundreds of additional vertebrate species, which we can now start to take into account in designing a sensitive index of basin-ecosystem health. Without eDNA and NatureMetrics, we would have been relegated to visual surveys for just river dolphins, itself requiring more field time than the eDNA survey, and to opportunistic interviews for the other five target species, which are less reliable, auditable, and systematic. The hundreds of other species detections would not have been possible at all.

Brenda Toledo, Coordinator of Amazonian Healthy Waters Programme, WWF Peru

“We used the NatureMetrics aquatic eDNA service to survey for native white-clawed and invasive signal crayfish, and the experience was very good, including the guidance provided by technical staff and the practicalities of shipping and processing equipment and samples, which all worked well. NatureMetrics were also good at helping with interpretation of the results – The technical backup was excellent with great advice on sampling and interpretation of eDNA results.”

Dr Jonah Tosney, Technical Director, Norfolk Rivers Trust

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