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Combining deep scientific expertise with a knowledge of our core client sectors, we deliver bespoke biodiversity survey solutions to suit your project needs.

Our solutions provide more data for less effort in the field.

Save money

Reduce risk

Improve biodiversity outcomes


Infrastructure projects often impact multiple habitats at a landscape scale, making biodiversity surveys complex, expensive and time consuming.

DNA-based methods overcome these challenges, increasing the power and pace of biodiversity assessment and maximising the efficiency of your on-ground sampling efforts.

NatureMetrics has extensive experience on projects in Highways, Rail and Construction ranging from small sites for the detection of specific species to multiple sites across 100’s km.

With increased efficiency and reduced site time compared to traditional methods we are able to reduce costs, increase safety and provide ‘big data’ to any given infrastructure project enabling better informed decision making.


For solar, wind, hydropower and more, our cutting-edge eDNA methods provide objective and accurate biodiversity data at an unprecedented scale to support your risk management.

Use our technologies to inform your decision-making and long-term monitoring within the context of the mitigation hierarchy and delivery of No Net Loss and Net Gain of biodiversity.

Water Sector

Biodiversity has a big role to play in our supply of water. From natural chalk streams providing filtration to protecting key species for ecosystem functioning, it is important to understand the biodiversity of aquatic systems.

We help water utility companies to achieve their corporate social responsibility goals, meet regulatory requirements and implement their Net Positive Impact strategies. We can detect invasive non-native species (INNS) and species of conservation concern including terrestrial and semi-aquatic species, identify fish and invertebrate communities and highlight sources of pollution.


We are working with offshore energy companies across the globe to integrate DNA based monitoring into Net Positive Impact strategies in the marine environment.

We generate comprehensive biodiversity baselines and help develop monitoring plans based on environmental sampling of the water column and sea floor sediments.


We are helping mining houses and businesses in the mining and extractives industry to evaluate and manage risk at all stages of the project from exploration and baselining to closure and restoration.

Whether terrestrial or marine, water or sediments, we can work with you to incorporate eDNA and DNA-based tools in your monitoring programmes to assist you in tracking progress towards measurable environmental goals such as Net Positive Impact on biodiversity, while reducing effort, costs and safety risks typically associated with monitoring.

Throughout the entire operational life cycle of an asset, simple non-invasive monitoring can be used to accurately evaluate impacts and long-term trends in order to allow managers to make more informed decisions and mitigate effects.


Build an accurate picture of biodiversity at large spatial scales to characterise and explain patterns of distribution and diversity across multiple habitats.

Use technologies that allow anybody to collect biodiversity samples, whether for empowering local communities or engaging key stakeholders.

A decade ago, this would have been considered impossible. Today, thanks to advances in eDNA technologies and applications, NatureMetrics is collaborating with key players in the conservation space to help make rapid, affordable and comprehensive biodiversity monitoring a reality.


Working with academic research institutes, NGOs, policymakers and industry partners across the world, we are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the field of biodiversity science, ecology and conservation.

For researchers who don’t have specialist expertise in DNA-based techniques, we offer project support, sampling kits, full laboratory processing and in-house bioinformatics and data analysis.

We recognise that many research projects have highly specific requirements, and we are open to exploring tailored services to meet these requirements.

Financial Services

Over half of the world’s GDP is dependent on nature and the ecosystem services that it provides. Businesses and governments globally are recognising that we cannot contain global warming to 1.5°C without addressing nature loss. It is of critical importance that the finance sector takes steps to help protect our natural resources. This will help safeguard investment and financing activities delivering a win-win for nature, climate, people and the economy.

eDNA-based biodiversity assessment can have applications in impact frameworks and reporting, project-related finance, risk management, sustainability-linked finance and ESG evaluation.

Nature-Based Solutions

NatureMetrics DNA-based tools are used to assess biodiversity in terrestrial habitats from forests to peatland and coastal systems such as mangroves, seagrass and kelp.

Accounting for biodiversity in nature-based solutions (NbS) programmes can help ensure long-term ecosystem resilience while providing opportunities for participatory monitoring and engagement of local communities and stakeholders.

Food & Farming

Measure, monitor and disclose agriculture’s biodiversity impact across all habitats and land uses, above and below ground. Quickly detect thousands of species, including animals, fungi and bacteria to help inform on-farm management decisions, track and compare multiple sites and get ahead of upcoming nature regulation.

Why NatureMetrics?

Custom designed and validated sampling kits:

Custom designed and validated sampling kits: Our iDNAture sampling kits are highly validated and optimised for use by non-experts in the field. Tried and tested by diverse groups across all continents, our kits require no additional power, equipment or refrigeration, making them the most versatile solution on the market.

Decades of molecular and ecological science experience in our team

Decades of molecular and ecological science experience in our team: Tap into the experience of our highly specialised team, including 12+ postdoctoral level scientists. Our molecular specialists are leaders in our field and have collaborated with scientists across Europe to develop the first international standards for our industry.

Decades of molecular and ecological science experience in our team

Honest and transparent working: We’re renowned for the high-quality data we produce and take great pride in our work. Our expert team is always on hand should you need assistance interpreting results, and where required we can provide additional support through the statistical analysis of your data.

Collaborative opportunities

Collaborative opportunities: Collaboration is in our DNA. We have a strong history of collaborative projects with clients, NGOs and academics. We have also worked in partnership with international laboratories to deliver our services globally.

World-class, IT enabled operations: On placing an order our in-house logistics expert will help you access our service anywhere in the world. Our NM sampling App enables you to record your field data. Then, relax as you track your samples’ progress using our customer order and results portal.

World-class, IT enabled operations

Robust and replicable bioinformatics pipelines: Our in-house team of dedicated bioinformaticians have processed thousands of projects across diverse environments, sample types and taxonomic groups. We provide high-confidence taxonomic assignments through optimised pipelines, even where reference databases are incomplete.

Robust and replicable bioinformatics pipelines

We provide the advice and support you need: We understand that adoption of new technology requires support and training. We can run training sessions and webinars for sampling teams, sales teams, ecologists and business decision makers.

The advice and support you need

Our commitment to nature: It is our mission to make DNA-based biodiversity monitoring accessible to all. Our technology is being deployed across the world in the name of biodiversity conservation, for the good of people and nature.

Commitment to nature

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