When should I survey with eDNA?

Collect eDNA samples at the right time of year to achieve the most accurate results

Download our new aquatic eDNA sampling calendars for Europe and Canada & USA

The time of year that eDNA surveying work takes place can impact results – especially when testing for a specific species. Some species release more eDNA at certain times of the year and are therefore easier to detect at these times. To help you in planning the timing of your survey work, and to achieve the most accurate results possible, our surveying experts have compiled these guidance calendars.

These calendars cover all of our single-species tests, including Great Crested Newts, Jefferson’s Salamander, Signal Crayfish and Chinese Mitten Crabs.

To view our full suite of tests, please visit our NatureID page.

Download our sampling calendars and:

  • Sample at a time when you are most likely to receive a positive detection

  • Achieve the most accurate results

  • Deploy resources efficiently

When to collect eDNA

Discover the best times to detect your target single-species using environmental eDNA using our environmental DNA sampling calendars for Europe and North America.