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November 10, 2022

The Future of Nature-based Solutions

In order to be able to invest in nature, you need to be able to measure it. This paper outlines how we see eDNA, and other novel technologies, being used to measure biodiversity and enable the successful scale-up of Nature-based Solutions, to ultimately drive genuine biodiversity net-gain across the world

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The Future of Nature-based Solutions

Today NatureMetrics have launched an industry-first paper titled “The future of Nature-based Solutions: Measuring nature using eDNA”.

As leaders gather at COP27 to discuss climate action, we share our vision on how #eDNA technology can play a major role in the effective delivery of Nature-based Solutions.

Investment in Nature-based Solutions has the potential to deliver outcomes that benefit climate, people, nature, and the economy. But, nature is complex and difficult to measure. Data-driven decision-making is essential to success in both managing complex natural assets and reporting on measurable outcomes.

“Growing recognition of nature’s role in mitigating climate change has mobilised finance into forests, peatlands, and blue carbon projects at a scale that was unimaginable just a few years ago” says Katie Critchlow, CEO at NatureMetrics. “At COP26, nature was recognised as a key part of the climate solution. Now, at COP27, it’s time to get down to business and to provide the nature measurement solutions that the industry needs to move forward with pace and credibility.”

Dr Kat Bruce, co-founder of NatureMetrics, adds “The technology now exists to deploy routine baseline measurement at scale, and this should be a priority to futureproof any Nature-based Solution. Ultimately, biodiversity is essential to the resilience of natural ecosystems.”

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