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September 27, 2023

Nature Takes Center Stage at New York Climate Week

New York Climate Week 2023 marked a milestone as nature and biodiversity took a prominent role alongside climate conversations. The well-attended Nature Positive Hub demonstrated the growing focus on collaborating to address the intertwined climate and nature crises. While momentum is clearly building, we now need to transition from talk into concrete systemic change implemented across entire value chains.

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Nature Takes Center Stage at New York Climate Week

Owen Middleton, principal nature strategist at NatureMetrics, reflects on his key findings and considerations from attending New York Climate Week.

Driving Tangible Nature and Biodiversity Recovery

Frameworks like TNFD provide useful guidance, but companies must apply them to generate measurable nature recovery on the ground. Simply improving modelled projections is insufficient. We need this transition to be evidence-based and to show that biodiversity and the integrity of ecosystems are improving on-the-ground in response to management decisions that reduce impacts. The next step is to generate real-world examples of nature rippling through supply chains to revitalize ecosystems which could motivate more investment into restoration. The focus should be measuring and maximizing ecosystem health, and crucially the ecosystem services that individuals, society, and economy depends upon.

Innovating for a Nature-Positive Future

Businesses need creative solutions to truly contribute to a nature-positive future, such as investing in nature-based solutions across their sphere of influence. However, they must also go beyond simply shrinking their ecological footprints and begin budgeting for investment into pioneering market-based mechanisms for nature recovery, such as through purchasing biodiversity credits. Staying complacent means escalating risk exposure for companies. To build resilience and prevent disruptions from nature-related risks, practices must evolve through transformative changes.

Data Powers Evidence-Based Action

Lack of data can no longer justify inaction or impede adaptive management. Advanced monitoring solutions like eDNA, bioacoustics and remote sensing now exist, providing unmatched ecosystem insights. Assessing composition, structure and function allows benchmarking and tracking change. Measuring species diversity, connectivity and soil health indicates ecosystem integrity.

This is where NatureMetrics and our Nature Strategy team comes in. Our end-to-end biodiversity reporting solution, powered by scalable, robust eDNA monitoring, provides actionable nature intelligence. We empower better decisions for nature, supporting the development of a nature positive economy. Our tailored, landscape-scale data enables companies to comprehensively measure, report on and disclose nature-related impacts and dependencies. This drives robust nature impact reporting and actions through our NatureMetrics Intelligence Platform.

The time is now to harness the momentum from events like Climate Week. With collaboration and evidence-based management centred on solutions like ours, we can ensure the prosperity of both climate and nature.

To learn more about how to get started implementing the TNFD framework, download our free 6-point guide here.

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