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September 3, 2021

Introducing Dr Hayley Craig: Our Soil and Sediment Expert

Our Soil and Sediment Expert

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Introducing Dr Hayley Craig: Our Soil and Sediment Expert

We have recently welcomed Dr Hayley Craig to the NatureMetrics team. Hayley joined us in July 2020 and will be working on the development of our soil and sediment services.

Hayley has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team, having begun her career as an environmental consultant before transitioning into research. Her PhD in soil microbial ecology focused on the impact of nutrient pollution and plant genetic diversity on microbial community structure in mangrove soils and the wider implications for carbon and nutrient cycling. She has since coordinated multiple international research projects and fieldwork expeditions from tropical coastal wetlands to British grasslands.

Since starting with us, Hayley has been working hard behind the scenes to establish a pilot project with our newly developed soil kits. This exciting work with our client Bardsley England aims to use environmental DNA (eDNA) to investigate differences in the soil microbial and fauna communities amongst sites in Kent. Hayley recently collected the soil samples from Bardsley England’s apple orchards, and she captured some great photos and videos from the day which you can see on our LinkedIn page. We are looking forward to the results of this project, which will reveal the complex communities living beneath the orchard.

To keep up to date with Hayley’s soil survey progress, you can follow her on LinkedIn (Dr Hayley Craig) and Twitter (@Hayzleypop).

Get in touch with us if you’re interested in using our soil and sediment kits for your own biodiversity surveys.

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