Make nature your competitive advantage

Using nature intelligence to transform how the extractives industry approaches, measures and reports on biodiversity

Biodiversity regulation and governance are already here.

The world is experiencing the fastest energy transition in history as we collectively race to curb climate change and achieve net-zero. The mining and heavy industrials sectors have a vital role in this journey.

Companies will need to show that they have biodiversity baselines in place to demonstrate progress while using the mitigation hierarchy to avoid, minimise, restore and offset their impact.

In our paper we dive into the following topics:

  • Nature targets and how you need to be aligning with them as a business

  • Nature intelligence – a scalable approach to understanding and reporting on nature, from data through to insights

  • From pit to port – supporting the mitigation hierarchy across supply and logistics chains with real-world project examples

Organisations are being asked to account for biodiversity in a way they haven’t before. We’ve already seen over 180 countries sign the Global Biodiversity Framework, which requires large businesses to report on their impacts on nature. As such, it’s vital that businesses can articulate the state of biodiversity across all stages of a project. With tools like Nature Performance Monitoring and eDNA technology, we can now routinely deliver detailed insights at a landscape scale- enabling biodiversity to be accounted for in decision-making and leading to better outcomes for nature.”

– Dr Kat Bruce, Founder, NatureMetrics