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Press Releases 2022

12th December 2022

[INTERNATIONAL] NatureMetrics will launch a service in 2023 enabling any customer to share their nature data with GBIF’s well-established network, demonstrating commitment to transparency on nature.

7th December 2022

[INTERNATIONAL] NatureMetrics launches the world’s most powerful nature performance monitoring service, putting meaningful and robust nature insights into the hands of business decision-makers across the globe.

17th November 2022

[NATIONAL UK] Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Edward Davey, visits NatureMetrics’ cutting-edge Guildford facility to see first-hand how UK technology solutions can enable stronger environmental regulation in the UK.

4th October 2022

[INTERNATIONAL] NatureMetrics appoints tech unicorn co-founder, Jared Schrieber, as new Board Chair to support rapid digital growth

29th September 2022

[NATIONAL UK] NatureMetrics launches world-first ‘PollutionTracker’ using DNA technology to enable water industry to track wastewater and improve river health across the UK

26th May 2022

[INTERNATIONAL] DNA-based biodiversity monitoring company NatureMetrics announces $15M in new funding to bring nature data to the boardroom

10th March 2022

[INTERNATIONAL] Natural Power, NatureMetrics and EDF Renewables launch first of its kind offshore eDNA project

11th January 2022

[INTERNATIONAL] Co-Founder of NatureMetrics leads a landmark publication – A practical guide to DNA monitoring

Press Releases 2021

28th May 2021

[LOCAL SURREY] NatureMetrics, a leading nature data business, is today welcomed by Angela Richardson MP as the first major new business relocation to Surrey Research Park this year.

19th May 2021

[LOCAL SURREY] NatureMetrics today announces a £6.5m investment and a relocation to Surrey Research Park to expand its growing business delivering biodiversity data to business, NGOs and governments using DNA.

19th May 2021

[NATIONAL UK] Today NatureMetrics announces a £6.5m investment to expand its growing business delivering biodiversity data to business, NGOs and governments using DNA.

24th March 2021

[SCOTLAND, UK] NatureMetrics are pleased to announce that they have won an innovative project to develop habitat-scale DNA monitoring in support of the Scottish Government’s international biodiversity reporting commitments.

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