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Ecoacoustics & eDNA bring new biodiversity monitoring to Manombo reserve, Madagascar

3rd May 2023|Conservation, Environmental DNA (eDNA), News & Blogs|

NatureMetrics is proud to embark on a new project in partnership with Rainforest Connection (RFCx) and Health In Harmony, which will bridge ecoacoustics and environmental DNA (eDNA) to monitor biodiversity in Manombo Special Reserve, Madagascar. 

NatureMetrics and Dartmouth Ocean Technologies partner to provide autonomous marine eDNA sampling technologies for biodiversity measurements at scale

18th April 2023|News & Blogs|

This collaboration brings about significant advancements in the field by offering autonomous collection of environmental DNA from marine environments.

How your organisation needs to respond to the Global Biodiversity Framework agreement

3rd April 2023|Articles, Food & Farming, News & Blogs|

If your business isn’t already affected by biodiversity regulation, it will be very soon. Becoming nature positive will no longer be a nice-to-have reputational asset, but simply a licence to do business. And new regulations can be enormously disruptive to businesses, so smart organisations will prepare now, if they have not already started.

To stay in business, companies must account for their impacts on nature

2nd February 2023|Articles|

The shift in narrative from wishful thinking to policy directives and UN-supported goals and targets, means that large and transnational companies need to understand their impacts on nature. Simply because having full accountability around nature and a net positive approach to it have become a licence to do business. Now, more than ever, businesses need support to understand, measure, redress and disclose their impacts on nature.

NatureMetrics launches Nature Transparency service with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility to supercharge global understanding of Nature Performance

12th December 2022|Articles, News & Blogs|

NatureMetrics is teaming up with GBIF—the Global Biodiversity Information Facility—to enable any NatureMetrics client to make their nature data transparent and available via the world’s most comprehensive, openly available biodiversity data-sharing infrastructure.

COP15: NatureMetrics launches world-first nature performance monitoring service powered by eDNA technology

7th December 2022|Conservation, Extractives, Infrastructure, Marine, News & Blogs, Renewable Energy, Research, Sectors, Water/Utilities|

NatureMetrics, the global nature intelligence technology company, today announces the launch of the world’s most powerful nature performance monitoring subscription service, putting meaningful and robust nature insights into the hands of business decision makers across the globe.

eDNA transforms reporting on nature

21st November 2022|Articles, News & Blogs|

NatureMetrics makes biodiversity surveys possible at scale by providing the tools for simple DNA collection from project sites, which can then be sent back to the company for analysis, generating data on unprecedented scales. As water sector companies balance increased demand with the move towards net zero 2030, it is essential to find innovative solutions that provide increased sampling resolution and reduced sampling effort and cost.

Leader of Liberal Democrats tours cutting edge NatureMetrics tech facility to push for stronger environmental targets during COP27 conference

17th November 2022|Articles, News & Blogs|

NatureMetrics, the nature intelligence technology company, based in Surrey Research Park, Guildford, has hosted a tour with the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Edward Davey, to demonstrate how UK technology can be implemented to help bolster UK environmental targets.

NatureMetrics appoints tech unicorn co-founder, Jared Schrieber, as new Board Chair to support rapid digital growth

4th October 2022|Articles, News & Blogs|

NatureMetrics, the nature intelligence technology company, today announces the appointment of Jared Schrieber, as new Chair of the Board of Directors. Jared will focus on steering the technology company’s growth strategy as it further develops its innovative product range and international reach.

World-first ‘PollutionTracker’ launched: using DNA tech to improve river health

29th September 2022|Articles, News & Blogs, Sectors, Water/Utilities|

As the global nature intelligence technology company, today we launch our ‘PollutionTracker’. A monthly subscription service for the water industry, combining unique DNA sampling with state-of-the-art data science, to deliver mapping of bacterial pollution across whole river catchments.

Open letter urges Prime Minister to embrace innovative nature technologies

27th September 2022|Articles, News & Blogs|

We are profoundly concerned by the suggestions that nature regulations might be relaxed....Now is the time for the economy to embrace solutions, to make good regulation work for the UK, and not to throw in the towel and accept lower standards. We stand ready to help businesses and the public sector, across the UK and the world, meet and exceed nature regulations.

Innovation and enhancing the business case for biodiversity

2nd August 2022|Articles|

Nature is now embedded at the heart of the climate agenda, with natural ecosystems considered a crucial aspect of both climate mitigation and adaptation, and at COP15 on Biodiversity (due to take place later this year) new global targets will be agreed, which are likely to include requirements for businesses to disclose and reduce their negative impacts on biodiversity, moving towards nature positive practices.

DNA-based biodiversity monitoring company NatureMetrics announces $15M in new funding to bring nature data to the boardroom

26th May 2022|Articles, News & Blogs|

DNA-based biodiversity monitoring company NatureMetrics today announced that it has raised $15m in new funding. The investment is led by urban sustainability-focused VC fund 2150 with participation from Ananda Impact Ventures, SWEN Capital Partners’ Blue Ocean and BNP Paribas Solar Impulse Venture Fund, and follow-on from Systemiq Capital.

NatureMetrics scientists publish paper on eDNA validation scale

3rd August 2021|News & Blogs|

NatureMetrics team members Dr Kat Bruce and Dr Lynsey Harper are among the authors of a newly-published research paper titled ‘A validation scale to determine the readiness of environmental DNA assays for routine species monitoring’. A key message of the paper is that assays at intermediate validation levels may still be highly effective and can be informative for applied monitoring. Crucially, the paper provides guidance on how to interpret positive and negative results from assays at each stage of the scale.

NatureMetrics relocates to Surrey Research Park after securing £6.5m investment to scale-up

18th May 2021|Articles, News & Blogs|

NatureMetrics is delighted to announce a £6.5m investment and a relocation to Surrey Research Park to expand our growing business delivering biodiversity data to businesses, NGOs and governments using DNA. This growth will expand our product range, as we make use of the facilities in Surrey Research Park to refine and develop our technology.

The potential of eDNA in Biden’s plan for restoration of ‘orphaned’ mines

30th April 2021|Articles, Extractives, Sectors|

Biden's $16 billion proposal to plug old oil and gas wells and clean up abandoned mines would jump-start and significantly expand abandoned mine and well site rehabilitation efforts. eDNA is a powerful and innovative tool that can help inform the restoration process.

eDNA – a route to a safer biodiversity survey

28th April 2021|Articles, Extractives, Infrastructure|

When it comes to biodiversity surveys and routine Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) monitoring, mines often invest a significant amount of money in order to reduce risk. eDNA is a cutting-edge tool that can help mitigate risk during these critical biodiversity surveys, routine environmental monitoring and over asset life cycle from scoping to closure.

Turning nature into data with NatureMetrics

7th April 2021|Articles|

Strengthening our understanding of UK biodiversity is a priority for effective management, yet we have an urgent need for better data. NatureMetrics scientists have developed scalable DNA based monitoring technologies that complement our existing biodiversity dataflows, giving rise to a new data layer for biodiversity generated using DNA species leave behind in their environment.

NatureMetrics: how we will make the next five years count for nature

25th March 2021|Articles, Conservation, Infrastructure|

Five years ago, NatureMetrics was a small team of people with a passion for DNA and its potential to change the way we manage biodiversity. We started off using eDNA to detect the protected Great Crested Newt for our clients. Today, we are over 40 people working with clients all over the world and have monitored tens of thousands of species across four continents.

Building back better: COVID, Nature and Sustainable Innovation

12th February 2021|Articles, Infrastructure|

The year 2020 had been dubbed the super year for nature - critical global agreements on Sustainable Development Goals, biodiversity and the UN climate COP all hotly anticipated. But 2020 was instead famous only for COVID-19. From adversity, the green shoots of change are emerging in ways we could never have imagined at the turn of the decade.

New tools for monitoring biodiversity

30th December 2020|Articles|

The British Indian Ocean Territory Marine Protected Area is famous for its size, yet at this scale the monitoring responsibilities present major logistical and financial challenges. At NatureMetrics, we are helping CCT to establish new DNA-based biodiversity monitoring tools to increase the power of the data obtained and increase the pace at which it’s collected.

DNA Metabarcoding of Invertebrates to Evaluate Outcomes of Ecological Restoration

21st December 2018|Articles|

DNA metabarcoding enables the identification of invertebrate communities at unprecedented scales, effectively overcoming the bottleneck of morphological identification. This unlocks the data potential of highly diverse and responsive groups such as arthropods, which can act as super-indicators of ecological status, facilitating adaptive management during the course of habitat restoration activities in virtually any ecosystem.

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