Okala unlocks green investment using eDNA

The Challenge

Okala manages vast areas of tropical forest and they needed quick and efficient data to make rapid decisions for natural capital valuation and unlock green investment, which was not possible with traditional methods.

The Solution

Okala used eDNA and other technologies to map biodiversity in tropical forest landscapes to catalyze investment in high-value natural capital. In just 40 water samples, they detected more mammals than camera traps deployed in the same landscape and provided data on over 1300 vertebrate and invertebrate species, including some that had not been detected by other methods, showing how eDNA can compliment other technologies like camera traps.

The Impact

eDNA provided traceable, verifiable, and trustworthy data that investors liked. Okala was able to support natural capital valuation and will use the data to unlock green investment using eDNA.

Hear the full story from Dr Robin Whytock, CEO of Okala in our recent webinar

“eDNA definitely adds value to our projects in terms of traceable, verifiable, trustworthy data… and investors really like it”

– Dr Robin Whytock, CEO of Okala

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