We are NatureMetrics

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Our Vision

NatureMetrics has a bold vision to be the number one provider of nature intelligence to enable the delivery of a nature positive economy.

Nature Metrics - DNA icon in hexagon

Our Mission

NatureMetrics has one global mission to empower the best decisions for nature.

Nature Intelligence

NatureMetrics has one global mission to empower the best decisions for nature.

Since its inception in 2014, NatureMetrics has expanded rapidly to service the growing global demand for robust biodiversity monitoring.

New market demands and regulation is making it vital for businesses and organisations around the world to better understand their dependencies and impact on nature.

NatureMetrics is at the forefront of delivering the nature intelligence products and services needed to meet this demand and help move towards a nature positive economy.

At COP15, NatureMetrics launched the world’s first nature performance monitoring service, powered by eDNA technology. This technology is helping to unlock nature insights at scales never before achievable due to the complexities of nature.

Find out more about the company and our technology below.

How we got here

Who we are:

The faces behind NatureMetrics

You can access world-leading expertise in biodiversity science and DNA-based monitoring.

Our team is highly-skilled and passionate about our work. No matter your challenges, NatureMetrics are here to help.

Many of our staff hold PhDs in topics directly related to DNA-based biodiversity methods, from sampling and methods development to population genetics, ecological statistics and bioinformatics. We are Championing Women in STEM, and you’ll find our team as diverse as our skill-sets.

As a science-based company, our team stands at the front of emerging DNA-based technologies and are highly active in Research and Development projects to ensure the continuous enhancement of our shared understanding of biodiversity.

Executive Team

Dr Kat Bruce

Founder Director

Dr Juliet Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Charles Gibbons

Chief Technology Officer

Bob Ellis

Non-Executive Director

Pippa Howard

Chief Nature Strategist

Jared Schrieber

Chair of the Board of Directors

Christian Jølck

Board Member

David Fletcher

Chief Sales Officer

Ian Davies

Chief Financial Officer

NatureMetrics: Our Facilities

Our purpose-build laboratories are setting the standard for delivering DNA-based monitoring services, including physical separation of pre and post-PCR workflows and integrated UV lighting for the routine decontamination of workspaces.

Our laboratories also contain positive pressure environments for the handling of samples which are sensitive to contamination. In addition, we have an Illumina MiSeq sequencer on-site.

Our set-up grants us complete control over our service delivery due to not having to outsource any element of the metabarcoding pipeline, ensuring you receive a service that is not just outstanding quality, but exceptionally efficient as well.

NatureMetrics: It’s in our DNA

Laying the foundations for widespread application of new technology requires building trust through sharing knowledge and understanding. In this sense, education is central to what we do, so it is no accident that our five core values spell out the word TEACH.

We share our knowledge every day with private sector clients, conservation partners, policy-makers, educational institutions and the general public through a wide range of different projects and activities.

Our five fundamental values define how we operate and are the foundation of our success. These values are;

Careers at NatureMetrics

A career at NatureMetrics is like no other.

You can be a part of our mission to empower the best decisions for nature, arming today’s businesses with the tools to make tomorrow’s world a better place for people and nature.


You can partner with an award-winning technology start-up that pushes the boundaries of science. 

We’ve been collaborating with industry, academia, NGO’s and multi-stakeholder platforms since our inception in 2014, including projects in citizen science, such as the 1000 Rivers project, to our commercial partnership with AquaBiota Water Research to perform over forty projects in Swedish Freshwater ecosystems and beyond.