Leader of Liberal Democrats tours cutting edge NatureMetrics tech facility to push for stronger environmental targets during COP27 conference

Published: 17th November 2022

  • Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Edward Davey, visits NatureMetrics’ cutting-edge Guildford facility to see first-hand how UK technology solutions can enable stronger environmental regulation in the UK

  • Edward Davey comments: “we need to move forward rapidly on building a market that supports our environmental ambitions as a country. British technology companies are leading the way in opening up new opportunities for us to set and meet tough targets to support the planet.”

  • NatureMetrics calls on leaders at COP27 to consider the vital importance of nature as a solution to meeting climate targets, with launch of a new paper on Nature-based Solutions, using cutting edge eDNA technology developed at the heart of thriving Surrey Research Park

NatureMetrics, the nature intelligence technology company, based in Surrey Research Park, Guildford, has hosted a tour with the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Edward Davey, to demonstrate how UK technology can be implemented to help bolster UK environmental targets.

Edward Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, comments: “as leaders meet for critical discussions at COP27, meaningful action needs to follow to reduce the harmful effects of climate change. We must move forward rapidly on building a market that supports our environmental ambitions as a country. British technology companies, such as NatureMetrics, are leading the way in opening up new opportunities for us to set and meet tough targets to support the planet now.”

Davey was accompanied by Zoe Franklin, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Guildford and Edward Molyneux, parliamentary advisor on environment and energy. They met with the CEO of NatureMetrics, Katie Critchlow, and Andrew Briscoe, Head of Science, to discuss how NatureMetrics’ eDNA technology can provide solutions for the better management of nature at scale. Following the discussion, the Liberal Democrat delegation was given a tour of NatureMetrics’ cutting edge lab facilities, where they had an opportunity to see first-hand how eDNA is used to provide rapid and affordable biodiversity monitoring.

NatureMetrics surveys biodiversity at scale using environmental DNA – tiny traces of DNA left behind in the environment by all species, from bacteria to blue whales. The business has already processed tens of thousands of samples for over 500 clients all over the world, helping businesses and conservation groups to survey a wide range of environments from ponds for infrastructure projects in the UK to coral reefs in Mozambique.

Katie Critchlow, CEO of NatureMetrics, adds: “Recognition from the Leader of the Liberal Democrats for our cutting edge eDNA technology demonstrates progressive thinking on solutions to support our environment. At NatureMetrics, we are making regulatory compliance easier and faster – providing better standards for measurement, reporting and verification of nature in the UK and across the world.

“As vital discussions continue at COP27, we’re calling on the Government to recognise the urgent need to bolster – not dampen – UK environmental regulation. It is clear that strong regulation for nature is vital for our economy, food security, our climate and our wellbeing. By embracing proven new technology to track performance, regulators can ensure robust protection for both our economic and natural wealth.”

NatureMetrics is attending discussions at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh this week, speaking with businesses and governments about nature as the critical link for effective climate solutions, launching a new paper on the role of eDNA as an effective tool in delivering robust Nature-based Solutions.

This visit from Edward Davey and his team comes at a significant moment for NatureMetrics as the business expands following its recent £12m investment round, supported by 2150, Ananda Impact Ventures, SWEN Capital Partners’ Blue Ocean, BNP Paribas Solar Impulse Venture Fund, and Systemiq Capital.

In the last few months, NatureMetrics has grown the team across digital & IT, bioinformatics, operations and product development, as demand grows at pace from businesses around the world for accurate and scalable nature intelligence.

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