Behind the scenes: Meet Joe, our Operations Coordinator

Published: 28th February 2020

Behind the scenes: Meet Joe, our Operations Coordinator

You’ve probably spoken to Joe if you’ve worked with NatureMetrics. He’s involved in all aspects of operations here, whether it be overseeing our orders, communicating with clients, designing and managing our website or liaising with marketing operations.

Since joining NatureMetrics in 2018 for the Great Crested Newt (GCN) season, Joe has grown from operations assistant to operations coordinator. Whilst environmental DNA monitoring has been growing in popularity, Joe has been there to help our customers with their ever-growing questions and ordering needs. More recently, Joe has been involved in developing a new online ordering system which you can now enjoy when using our services this GCN season.

Behind the scenes: Meet Joe, our Operations Coordinator

Joe is knowledgeable about what our customers need and can guide them to the best products and services for them, so if you have any queries then don’t hesitate to get in touch. During GCN season can be found chatting with clients to help at all stages of the process, and at other times of the year he will be liaising with our scientific team to communicate cutting-edge information to our clients. It’s this personalised experience by Joe that makes NatureMetrics stand apart from the crowd.

In our fast-moving field, Joe is always learning new skills and gaining knowledge about environmental DNA methods. Like many of us, Joe remembers reading about environmental DNA and finding it extremely interesting. He admits that this job isn’t your “usual talking point”.

He’s not just an all-knowing superhero around the office. Joe is also an adventurer- you can find him enjoying the UK music scene from London to Manchester and beyond, and he enjoys going to the gym outside of his work life. Before starting his job at NatureMetrics, he’d just returned from a trip to New Zealand where he completed a freefalling bungee jump, followed by a ski trip to Japan. As somebody with an appetite for adventure and a willingness to learn new skills, we’re lucky to have Joe around to bring humour and adventure to our workplace!

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