Rewilding monitoring solutions

DNA-based methods provide a cost-effective and data-rich way to monitor and evaluate your rewilding project

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Landscape level insights

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From microbes to vertebrates

As rewilding practices become widely adopted as a path to restoring damaged ecosystems, robust monitoring processes are vital for reporting against nature-related KPIs. Our DNA-based tools provide exceptionally sharp and responsive landscape-scale insights, making it easy to conduct baseline surveys and document the recovery of species and ecosystems from previously intensive land-use practices.

Combining our world-leading expertise in eDNA with data science and ecological statistics, we offer bespoke solutions to suit your project needs. Our approach provides more data and insight for less effort in the field, and you can trust in us to deliver quality results that track ecosystem changes over time as your rewilding or restoration project progresses. With our support, you can:

  • Document the return of wildlife

  • Track species reintroductions (e.g. beavers)

  • Monitor changes in soil biodiversity as it recovers from intensive use

  • Quantify positive impacts in the wider landscape (e.g. pollinators and other insects)

We work with leading rewilding projects in the UK and globally to deliver data on unprecedented scales, and in many cases this will be used to underpin biodiversity credits.

Our Experience

Supporting Bunloit, a world-class rewilding project

Our Soils and Sediments eDNA service enabled Bunloit Rewilding to map hidden biodiversity across multiple habitats on their estate, with results feeding into their first Natural Capital Report. The project formed part of an effort to establish a comprehensive ecological baseline for a world-class rewilding project set to deliver nature-based solutions and improve land use and conservation for generations to come

Why NatureMetrics?

Ease of use – Our kits are tried and tested by diverse groups across the world.

The NatureMetrics FieldMate App empowers you to collect and submit your field data on the go.

Our highly specialised team includes 18+ postdoctoral level scientists.

Compliant with all Natural England, UK and EU eDNA requirements, laws and legislations.

eDNA samples can be hard to work with – we take the time to troubleshoot difficult samples to ensure you get the best possible results.

Specialist eDNA facilities with robust quality control procedures at every stage of the process.

Setting the standard for eDNA monitoring. Find out more about our collaborations and projects in the Info Hub.

We offer a wide range of biodiversity solutions

Great Crested Newt eDNA
DNA from soils and sediments