Insights 1 Service Terms

These service terms ('Insights 1 Service Terms') set out the legal terms that apply to Customer's use of the 'Insights 1' service ('Insights 1 Service'). 

Defined terms not defined herein are as set out in the Order Form and Master Terms of Service. The following definitions apply in these Insights 1 Service Terms: 

      'Final Report' means the report provided to Customer by NatureMetrics detailing the results of the analyses conducted as part of the Kits & Tests Services (as defined in the Kits & Tests Service Terms) (regardless of whether these results are provided within a self-contained document, or via an online web portal or app). 

      'Sample' means the collection of organisms or a sample of organic/environmental material supplied by Customer on which NatureMetrics performs the genetic analyses relevant to the Kits & Tests Services.

      'Species List' means a list of species detected in each Sample.

1. Insights 1 Services

1.1 The 'Insights 1 Service' allows Customer to, amongst other things, review Final Reports in a human-readable format, and use various functionality to interact with the Final Report (and/or the data within the Final Report). The functionality available to Customer is set out in the Order Form.

1.2 Customer is responsible for collecting the Samples in accordance with the Kits & Tests Service Terms.

2. Storage of Final Report. The Final Report shall be available on the Platform during the Subscription Period and Customer is responsible for making backup copies both during the Subscription Period and thereafter.

3. Accuracy of information and reliance on Final Report. Customer acknowledges that the Insights 1 Service (including the Final Report) does not purport to identify with complete certainty whether a species is present or absent at a particular location at a particular point in time. Rather, the nature of the technology is such that any Species List (or equivalent) provided to Customer can only indicate, by reference to expressed probabilities, the likelihood of a species being present or absent.  As such, the Species List, Final Report and the Insights 1 Service are by their nature informational only and are not intended to be advisory.  Interpretation of the Final Report and Insights 1 Service and any consequential decision making are the sole responsibility of Customer, and NatureMetrics does not accept any responsibility or liability in respect of actions taken by Customer in reliance on the content of the Final Report or Insights 1 Service.

4. At-risk species. The Final Report and Insights 1 Service may contain information on the presence or absence in certain locations of 'at-risk' species.  Both NatureMetrics and Customer acknowledge the potential negative impact on those species that publishing this information (whether in whole or in part) may have (with regards to, for example, poaching risk), and so will act responsibly when deciding if and by what means to transmit this information outside of their respective businesses. Customer acknowledges that if the Final Report and/or any data derived therefrom is published, Customer will publish such Final Report and/or data in its entirety in order to limit the possibility of any information being used out of context.

5. Reporting and regulatory obligations. Customer acknowledges that NatureMetrics may report to relevant authorities the presence or absence of certain species as a result of NatureMetrics' legal and regulatory obligations.

These Insights 1 Service Terms were published on 24th November 2023.

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