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NatureMetrics is the world-leading provider of environmental DNA (eDNA) based biodiversity monitoring. Our head office is in Surrey Research Park in the UK where we operate the world’s largest commercial, state-of-the-art eDNA laboratory.

Our eDNA lab in Guelph has become NatureMetrics’ second lab and is our hub for supporting customers in the North America region. We now offer our North American customers an expanded portfolio of environmental DNA services including making use of NatureMetrics’ extensive experience in metabarcoding. Find out more below.

Dr Steve Crookes, co-founder and ex Head of Development of Precision Biomonitoring, is now the Head of Product for NatureMetrics’ North America operations.

He said, “Environmental DNA is changing the way we monitor biodiversity. I am excited to be joining the NatureMetrics team and working with their team of eDNA experts to bring this innovative technology to more businesses in the North America region.”

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Our Services

eDNA from Water

Our easy-to-use and custom designed sampling kits make biodiversity data easily accessible to any user.

Since 2016, our aquatic eDNA services have been used to survey wildlife in ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans, from the equator to the poles.

We offer a wide range of services, including single-species qPCR tests and metabarcoding analyses to survey whole communities.

Soils and Sediments

A single gram of soil can harbour the hundreds of species of bacteria, fungi and microscopic animals. This little-known world of biodiversity plays a crucial role in supporting healthy ecosystems from forests to farmland. In aquatic sediments, organisms from difficult-to-study biological communities can act as powerful indicators of ecosystems change in response to impact and management. Our analyses unlock this powerful biological data layer, providing insights into soil health and ecosystem quality.

DNA Barcoding

We offer a non-invasive service to identify species using DNA from swab samples, with data processing and analysis included so that the results you receive are informative and easy to interpret.

At present our swab-based barcoding kits are optimised for use with fish and amphibians – please contact us at eDNA-lab@naturemetrics.com to use this service or if you are interested in using these kits on other groups.

Environmental Policy Consultation & Tender Support

NatureMetrics have assisted clients from a variety of sectors in utilising DNA-based methods to meet environmental monitoring needs across a range of sectors and contexts.

We have good relationships with policy makers and regulators at national and international levels and a strong track record in bringing together multi-stakeholder groups to trial and demonstrate new technologies and help accelerate uptake.

We also offer tender support for environmental projects, providing technical expertise and input as required.


We offer education and training in DNA-based monitoring, having accumulated years of experience in industry and research.

You can enhance your teams’ knowledge of eDNA and DNA methods and develop a more in depth understanding of how to apply these methods robustly to help address particular biodiversity monitoring challenges.

We will tailor training to suit your requirements and deliver over a method of your choosing, be it remotely, on-site, in person or as a blend.

We offer a wide range of biodiversity solutions for:

Renewable Energy
Renewable energy
Water / Utitlities
Water / Utilitites

Why NatureMetrics?

Ease of use – Our kits are tried and tested by diverse groups across the world.

Collect and submit field data on-the-go with the NatureMetrics Sampling App.

Our in-house logistics team help get your samples to the lab in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Our highly specialised team includes world-leading eDNA experts.

Compliant with all standards and best practice guidance for eDNA.

We take the time to troubleshoot difficult DNA samples to ensure you get the best possible results.

Specialist eDNA facilities with robust quality control procedures at every stage of the process.