Why choose NatureMetrics for your GCN eDNA surveys?

1. 100 % GCN eDNA proficiency scores for 5 years running

Natural England will only accept GCN eDNA results from laboratories that have passed an annual proficiency test, where laboratories are required to correctly identify ‘blind’ samples as positive, negative or inconclusive.

NatureMetrics are proud to have scored 100% proficiency for five years running, including in 2022, for our GCN eDNA service which we have provided since 2015.

We follow Natural England’s approved protocol (WC1067), ensuring our tests meet regulatory requirements. We offer standard (10 working days), fast (5 working days) or super-fast (2 working days) turnaround to accommodate all timeframes and budgets.

Our user-friendly GCN eDNA service includes your iDNAture Great Crested Newt eDNA Kits and convenient tracking of orders with my.naturemetrics. To adhere to the WC1067 protocol, field sampling must be carried out by a licensed great crested newt surveyor if the results will be used for planning and licence applications.

2. Convenience at every step

  • Our NatureMetrics app lets you collect and submit your field data on the go.
  • We offer next-day UK delivery for orders placed by midday.
  • We get results to you on time, even going above and beyond the regular service.
  • Whether it is last minute kits or super-fast turnaround, we will do our very best to meet your needs this GCN season.

3. World-leading eDNA facilities

We have dedicated, ultra-clean laboratories for DNA extraction and qPCR analysis to guard against contamination.

NatureMetrics are a leader in eDNA research and standardisation. In addition to GCN eDNA surveys, we analyse a range of samples (water, soil, faeces, and invertebrates) for other priority species or whole communities. Some of this work has been published in peer-reviewed journals or as technical reports. We can design bespoke sampling strategies for your species or community of interest and offer training in eDNA sampling.

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