Our business is built upon collaboration because we believe that together we can achieve great things for nature.

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As one of our five core values, collaboration is key to our way of business, and our capabilities are continually improved through two-way knowledge exchange between ourselves and our clients and partners. Together, we develop the tools to better address the global challenge of biodiversity conservation.

Industry Collaborations

UK Business & Biodiversity Forum

UK Business & Biodiversity Forum

As a steering committee member, Kat has actively been involved in the establishment of this new forum for bringing biodiversity into the core of UK business decision making for achieving net gain and promoting sustainable use of nature.

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We are one of the founding partners in NatureSpace an innovative business which develops win-win habitat banking solutions for Great Crested Newts. NautreMetrics provide GCN analyses to support the development of habitat models for District Level Licencing and evaluating the success of newly created GCN habitat via the Newt Conservation Partnership.

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AquaBiota Water Research

We have a commercial partnership with Aquabiota, with whom we have delivered over 40 projects in Swedish Freshwater ecosystems, in the Baltic Sea and in the Arctic for clients including Offshore Wind, Hydro Power and Local Government.

Fauna & Flora International

eDNA for NPI with FFI

Together with the Business and Biodiversity team at Fauna and Flora International, we have recently established a working group on the use of DNA-based tools for monitoring success in achieving Net Positive Impact for biodiversity in industry projects. Members include major extractives companies and leading biodiversity consultancies.

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Bardsley; Bx Pilot Soil Project

We are working with Bardsley’s tech team; Bx on a pilot soil project to develop commercial agricultural applications related to the soil microbiome.

Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit

The Regenerative Agriculture and Food Systems Summit USA aims to drive change through peer-to-peer sharing, partnership and collaboration by providing a neutral platform for all stakeholders to enable open, constructive and educational discussions to futher progress towards the transition to regenerative practices

Academic Collaborations

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Our collaborations with Dr Rein Brys from INBO (Belgium) span technical aspects of aquatic eDNA analysis, pollen metabarcoding and diet assessment of invasive fish species.

We are working with researchers at CIBIO (Portugal) to compare MiSeq and MinION sequencing for fish eDNA metabarcoding and soil community assessment.

Queen Mary University of London

We are collaborating with Dr Beth Clare on the development of an airDNA sampler, and new products and services for agricultural monitoring.

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The mereRITA team have used our filters in their monitoring and assessments of the Estonian sea.

Plant ID Logo

We are a partner organisation of Plant ID, a Marie Curie ITN programme (EU Horizon 2020) focused on molecular identification of plants and plant products.

DOUGLAS YU Cooperation Biology

We have a long term and ongoing collaboration with UEA and KIZ through our co-founder Prof Douglas Yu.

Frauenhofer IME

We’re working with Dr Cecilia Diaz at Fraunhofer IME (Germany) to develop the use of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) as source material for eDNA projects.

Co-supervising students

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University of Hull (Dr Kat Bruce)

Sara Peixoto’s PhD on eDNA methods for detecting and monitoring Zebra Mussels.

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Imperial College London (Dr Kat Bruce)

Rosie Dowell’s CASE studentship on developing eDNA methods for marine biomonitoring in the Indian Ocean.

University of Copenhagen Logo

University of Copenhagen (Dr Alex Crampton-Platt, Dr Kat Bruce)

Physalia Chua’s PhD studentship under the Plant ID project, developing metabarcoding and mitochondrial metagenomics methods for understanding the diet of capercaillies.

University of Stellenbosch Logo

Stellenbosch University (Dr Kat Bruce)

Jamila Jamal’s MSc on eDNA-based monitoring of fish for evaluation of community-led marine protected areas in Inhambane Bay, Mozambique

University of Portsmouth and University of Sussex Logos

University of Sussex and University of Portsmouth (Katie Critchlow)

A PhD studentship on understanding restoration pathways using ecoacoustics and eDNA for coastal rewilding and food security. Due to start in 2021.

Multi-stakeholder platforms for informing policy



Our Co-Founder, Dr Kat Bruce, is leading the working group on field and laboratory methods, which brings together the knowledge and expertise of several hundred researchers from across Europe.



A collaborative project funded by the Swedish EPA and led by our partners AquaBiota, along with INBO, MIX Research, Limnordic AB, MoRe Research and the University of Hull. The aim is to develop standardised methods for long term monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in Sweden, with globally relevant learnings.

UK DNA Working Group

UK DNA Working Group

Our Co-Founder, Dr Kat Bruce, is a steering group member alongside other regulators and academics in the UK, and we regularly participate in and present at the UK DNA Working Group meetings.

NGO and citizen science collaborations

eBio Atlas Logo - NatureMetrics Partnerships

eBio Atlas

eBioAtlas is an ambitious partnership between NatureMetrics and IUCN to rapidly create a global atlas of life in the world’s river basins and wetlands using cutting-edge eDNA technology. It will provide a comprehensive picture of freshwater species, mobilising local stakeholders and citizen scientists to fill in critical knowledge gaps to support conservation efforts and inform global policy to reverse the loss of biodiversity.

1000 Rivers - eDNA Project - Logo

1,000 rivers

Along with the University of Hull and University of Highlands and Islands, we developed an international citizen science project that aims to profiling the fish communities of 1000 rivers around the North Atlantic, and we are currently 15 % of the way to achieving our target.



We are working with ARBRE to develop methods for surveying marine mammals in the Indian Ocean, specifically in the waters surrounding La Reunion.

WCS Mozambique

We have partnered with WCS Mozambique to develop a long-term monitoring strategy for Niassa National Reserve using eDNA for vertebrate biodiversity assessment. We have also worked together on Phase 1 of a GCRF-funded project on coastal marine biodiversity in Mozambique, with phase 2 due to start in 2021 subject to confirmation of funding.

University of Guelph logo

University of Guelph

Our collaborator Dr Bettina Thalinger is using the NatureMetrics eDNA filters for Citizen Science project in Canada.

National Trust & Freshwater Habitats Trust - NatureMetrics

Freshwater Habitats Trust and National Trust

We are working together with Dr Jeremy Biggs and Dr Naomi Ewald at Freshwater Habitats Trust, and Dr Stewart Clarke at National Trust on the development of a national-scale citizen science programme for biodiversity assessment of small water bodies.

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora International

We have an MOU with FFI to support the conservation of species under threat in West Africa.

NatureMetrics Memberships

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